ERP Sales Account Manager - Cairo

OdooTec is hiring an experienced sales professional who is creative, self-starter with client relationship skills to join OdooTec as Odoo Sales Account Manager. You will grow our Odoo business through strategic lead generation, research, and cold calls via phone calls, emails and visits. You are expected to have experience and wisdom in sales so you can be qualified enough to work with OdooTec executives to finetune our sales strategy, communication, and opportunity management process. The candidate will concentrate his energy on selling, invoicing exiting projects, signing new contract in new and existing clients, proposals, new and existing client engagement, issue resolution, etc. The ultimate goal of this position is to hit or overachieve monthly sales target. The candidate must have a proven track record for selling Enterprise Software (such as ERP, CRM, HR, eCommerce, Retail POS, etc.), particularly Odoo to the Saudi Arabian market. The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in selling both remotely and in-person to buyers based in Saudi Arabia and other countries, such as Canada and United States.

Office Location: Cairo, 5th settlement.


Achieve Sales Target

Demonstrate proficiency

Build a strong business network

Successfully position OdooTec as an elite brand


Remote selling

Qualify Business Opportunities



Must Have


 Business acumen

CRM discipline

Excellent command in English and Arabic

About the candidate:

  • Typically an experienced professional with selling skills in his genes.
  • Must have ERP, CRM, HR and other Enterprise Software experiences.
  • Must have a deep understanding of software, cloud and SAAS platforms
  • Must have successfully practiced at least one enterprise selling methodology.
  • Must have a network of loyal buyers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Knowledge of Odoo is an advantage.
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Overachieving Possibilities:

How we hire:

Almost everything we do in OdooTec follows a process; either automated in our CRM or written in our Internal Policy document. Hiring is not an exception. Our hiring process goes as follows:

  • Initial Qualification: We quickly scan through the CV and either move to forward for further processing or we respectfully refuse it.

  • To Be Interviewed: Is an intermediate process, where you will get further communication, either by phone or email.

  • First Interview.

  • Second Interview(s).

  • Offer letter. 

The possible outcome of each of the above stages is either move to the next stage or respectfully refuse the application. Please feel free to communicate with us as a reply to the email(s) you will receive. Direct email communication (not as a reply to the mentioned emails) are not acceptable. Also, phone calls and Facebook messages are not accepted.

Hiring is hard, but we do our best to make it a pleasant process for us and for you.