Mobile Developer (React Native / Flutter)- Cairo

We are hiring an experienced mobile developer with deep knowledge and great track record in building messaging apps. The candidate will demonstrate proficiency in React Native or Flutter, or both. The candidate will must have created messaging apps that catered for battery consumption, parallel processing, and Video/audio calling.



Show competency

Demonstrate proficiency


Time & quality pressure



Must Have

Deep knowledge



About the candidate:

  • Typically a an experienced mobile app developer who was top of his class and has mobile development in his genes.
  • Experienced in React Native or Flutter (or both).
  • Experience in messaging, video / audio calling, parallel processing and battery consumption control is a must.
  • Understanding and experience of design patterns.
  • Deep understanding of Rest API.
  • Can use the bare language (JavaScript/Dart) with or without the frameworks (React Native / Flutter)
  • Backend programming.
  • Web socket experience.
  • Knowledge in object oriented programming.
  • Knowledge of functional programming.
  • Must have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Must have knowledge of MVP architectural pattern.
  • Handy with Git protocol.
  • Prior contribution open source projects is a plus.
  • Understands MVP.
  • Deep understanding of open source licenses and their differences.
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Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
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