Senior Smalltalk Developer - Cairo

CCP.SH the owner of OdooTec brand is hiring a senior Smalltalk developer. The candidate will demonstrate proficiency in Smalltalk programming; preferably, Pharo, one of the most powerful programming languages. The candidate will lead a team of Smalltalk developers to create innovative software applications.



Lead fellow developers

Show competency

Demonstrate proficiency


Assist other developers in learning



Self learning

Must Have



Ability to learn quickly

Leadership skills

About the candidate:

  • Typically a an experienced Smalltalk developer who was top of his class and has object oriented programming in his genes.
  • Experienced in Smalltalk programming.
  • Ability to create software application frameworks.
  • Experience in Pharo is a major advantage.
  • Must knowledge in other programming languages like Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Must have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Must have knowledge of MVC concepts and Git protocol.
  • Prior contribution open source projects is a plus.
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Overachieving Possibilities: