The company of Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel was founded in 1984 by Sheik Abdullatif. Abuljadayel company has begun by acquiring internationally recognized brands like HACH-For Water Quality and CHEMSEARCH-Industrial Maintenance Chemicals.
It has since expanded its product line to meet the growing market demands for the Water Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a comprehensive organization offering more products for the requirements of the Lab.

Aldella Food Co.

Aldella Food Production Company manufactures a wide range of processed chicken products in fully automated production facilities.
The goal of Aldella Food Production Company is to provide high levels of customer satisfaction daily through creative innovation by a dedicated and enthusiastic team and to supply the market with consistently high-quality products.


The company has extensive experience building concrete, asphalt, and access roads to the highest standards and requirements (subbase, base course, and pavement layers). It also builds medians, curbs, sidewalks, lighting signals, fencing, road safety signs, road marking, and road cat's eyes. ENJAZ AL-SHARQ also performs sand removal and sand control projects to keep roads clear and accessible.

Al Mousawi Trading and Contracting Company

Al Mousawi Company is a leading contracting firm in Saudi Arabia's eastern region. They have made several services available in collaboration with Saudi Aramco and other industrial sectors. The Al-Mousawi company straightforwardly conducts business. They have provided high-quality services and professional approaches to all customers; they are dependable and competitive in their pricing. It is how they have grown and developed their business over the years.

Al Rajhi Ekhwan Group

Al Rajhi Ekhwan Group was established as a joint stock company in Riyadh in 2010 AD. Through strategic ownership of shares in leading mutual stock companies, the company engages in investment activities in various sectors, including real estate development, industrial development, and the Saudi stock market. Furthermore, the company has multiple investments within and outside the Kingdom per Islamic Sharia.

Al-Amoudi Group & Partners Co

With 65 years of experience in various fields, Abdul Latif Saeed Al Amoudi & Partners Group is one of the largest national successful companies. Al Amoudi Group has had a vision, mission, and ambition since its inception to effectively support and contribute to the development of the Saudi economy through all of its various sectors and fields.

Hammad & Al-Mehdar

Hammad & Al-Mehdar, a law firm in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1983 and has become one of the most extensive private practice Saudi firms in the Kingdom and the GCC. The law firm has a strong local presence complemented by international capabilities. Hammad & Al-Mehdar offers a comprehensive range of business and corporate legal services in all major areas of Saudi and ADGM law, focusing on cutting-edge, complex, and high-value transactions&disputes.

Alrobaya Holding Co. for General Contracting

Al Robaya Holding Company specializes in Digital Control systems and is an expert in Civil, Structural, Mechanical Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation (DCS).
Work on installation and replacement.
Al Robaya Holding Company is a Saudi mechanical or industrial engineering firm located at Al Robaya Building, 66 Al Ghasak Street, Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia.

Domathah  Construction Company

Domathah Construction is a Riyadh-based Saudi company specializing in civil construction and electrical and mechanical work. Domathah brings together the best design and construction methodologies from around the world.It has the technical and organizational efficiencies required to meet your lofty goals.

AlKhaleejion Kitchens

Since 1993, AlKhaleejion has been creating kitchens and has never stopped looking for innovative and advanced ways to improve the kitchen design. Every AlKhaleejion kitchen is a work of art, from the unique and distinctive design to the quality of workmanship that goes into each cabinet.
Since its inception in 1993, AlKhaleejion is leading the way in innovation with one-of-a-kind, long-lasting luxury kitchens in Saudi Arabia, plus a vision and design approach, unlike the other kitchen companies.

Domathah Trading Co.

Domathah Trading is a Saudi company based in Riyadh specializing in import and export. Domathah ensures to deliver industry best practices to its clients with all of the experience Domathah holds from their years of experience. You will undoubtedly end up looking for a perfect partner in the industry.

Basic Engineering Company

Basic Engineering Company (BEC) is a well-known contracting firm specializing in design, build, and construction.
BEC offers a high level of electromechanical services, such as the supply, installation, service, upgrade, and maintenance of electromechanical systems and networks.
BEC has established a strong reputation in the field of electromechanical contracting through excellent commitment, sustained growth and stability, professional management, and on-time and within-budget accomplishment.


Limited Liability Company Dussur Al-Nadi Trading Company for Building Materials and Contracting.
It sells the building, electrical, lighting, and sanitary materials wholesale and retail.
Northern Borders Region, Arar, Al-Musaidiyah District, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cash Solutions

Cash Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end cash management solutions for central and commercial banks, CITs, and corporations, offering sophisticated tailor-made solutions that cover the entire supply chain.
Cash Solutions, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the leading provider of end-to-end cash management solutions, offering sophisticated tailor-made solutions that cover the entire supply chain for Central and Commercial Banks, CITs, and corporate clients.

Al-Osais Road Construction & Maintenance Co 

Al-Osais Road Construction & Maintenance Co. has a track record of excellence and dependability in all areas of road construction and maintenance, including the construction of new roads and the upkeep of existing ones. It is a well-known infrastructure development firm in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.

Great United

offers a high-level environment for children while introducing new concepts in the worlds of equestrian and entertainment. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Eastern Yields

It is a subsidiary of Al-Tamimi Holding Group. This investment firm aims to finance small businesses for expansion and growth, as well as to use its investment and operational experience to improve the performance of companies in its investment portfolios.

National pioneering Company

NPC, founded in 1981 in Dammam, has grown from a small number of projects contractor to one of Saudi Arabia's most respected and diverse business categories. NPC's entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in world-class businesses in marine, security, and general contracting.


King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

An independent Saudi national organization was established to improve Saudi residents' access to dialogue and communication. It also encourages conversation as a way of life and establishes it as a standard of behaviour for citizens at the individual, family, and societal levels.

Sulb Aljazeera

 Sulb Aljazeera Concrete (SAC) is a major and highly renowned business organization established in 2013. The company is ISO-Certified and Aramco-approved. SAC has been instrumental in spearheading the use of state-of-the-art European technology. Its factory is located at the 3rd Industrial City, Eastern Region - Dammam, with core products of precast/pre-stressed Hollow-core roof slab, Solid slab, Wall Panel, and many other products.

Al Ghurairy Construction Company

Al Ghurairy Construction Company was founded in 1973G with the world's leading maintenance service group: Al Ghurairy Saudi Arabia, 40 years of Service Company today employing over 1,000 employees known today as MSG and Brothers Company. It is currently available throughout the kingdom.
The company has grown steadily over the years as a result of its Chairman and CEO's vision to invest in its employees in terms of training, health and personal well-being and to foster a sense of team spirit among its workforce. Similarly, anticipating and comprehending the client's needs has been a significant contributor to success.


E-Tajir is an Online platform for e-commerce and services, including auctions and trade licence assistance.

My Little Home

My Little Home was founded in 2008 and has many stores throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They specialize in a wide range of home furnishings collections, with materials imported from several European, Asian, and Arabic countries worldwide, with high-quality standards and a wide variety to suit all tastes and consumer levels.

Shada Homes

Shada Homes company is a well-established engineering firm. It was founded over two decades ago in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It specializes in strategic real estate development projects in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries for short and long-term investments.

Mohammed Bin Laden Company

Binladin's story began in 1931. Mohammed Binladin established the Mohammad Binladin Organization as a general contracting firm during the reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud. Binladin's history and development have always been intertwined with the kingdom's. As Saudi Arabia prospered, developed, and became more active on the international stage, the company's activities expanded to include many other activities in addition to road construction and maintenance.

MSJ Security Systems

Manakh Shebah Al-Jazeerah was founded in 1991 and is owned by Al-Ajlan Holding Co., which provides integrated security systems, solutions, and services throughout Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. As a leading security solutions provider, It serves all government, commercial, and private sectors. M.S.J. has branches and offices in most of Saudi Arabia's major cities, and it is constantly working to establish a foundation of trust and credibility.


Zinati was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2007 as a distribution and retail chain selling cosmetics and hair care products.
During these years, the company expanded and accomplished a great deal through various activities inside and outside Saudi Arabia. These activities established the company as one of the most well-known and respected names in the business community in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Arabian Gulf Region.


Makkiyoon is a well-known real estate urban developer based in Makkah. Over 20 years of experience developing one-of-a-kind residential and hotel projects for holy city visitors and Saudi Arabia in general. 
It has adopted the best techniques and global practices while still retaining the Islamic architectural style in Its projects.


Falcon provides construction and engineering services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Falcon is empowered by its employees' dedication to consistently superior service, supported by their strong technical knowledge and extensive experience.


Teyf-Al-Asema Company is a prominent provider of property management and real estate services.
The clients include both individuals and businesses.
The company of Teyf Al Asema takes great pride in a job well done and satisfied customers and tenants.

Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants

Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants (SAK), a consulting firm of Architects and Engineers with over 40 years of experience, is headquartered in Jeddah, with branch offices in Riyadh, Madinah, Al Khobar, Cairo, Milano, and site offices in Makkah, Rabigh, Dammam, and Taif.
Our multi-disciplinary firm offers a full range of architectural and engineering design consultancy, construction site supervision, and project management services.
SAK has been prequalified by several private and government organizations, including Universities, various Ministries, the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, King Abdullah Economic City and other Economic Cities.

AbdulAziz Almodhy Law Firm

Abdul Aziz Al Mudhahi Law Firm and Legal Consultations is a local Saudi office focused on the Kingdom's Vision 2030, moving toward globalization to serve the economic, commercial, and civil bases.
It integrates Islamic Sharia provisions and the approach of modern international legal practices. It also keeps up with distinguished and innovative legal services and solutions delivered with high professionalism by Abdulaziz's office Al Mudhahi Advocates, and Legal Consultants via the main office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many allies in the Middle East, the European Union, and the United States.

Wishah Alwatan

Wishah Alwatan successfully provides its services to customers in various industries on long-term contracts. The company also provides the highest standards of security, military equipment, and k9 services based on its extensive experience in security guards and working police dog training for explosives, narcotics, weapons, and mine. Wishah Alwatan has the vision to be unique in terms of security personnel, military hardware, and police working dogs (K9) services. It also professionally aims to Work in alignment with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 to give its clients the highest levels of quality and to meet their needs for safety and security


  OUD MILANO is a subsidiary of the Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Group.
OUD MILANO is dedicated to discovering and importing oriental beauty arts secrets. Whether it's the vibrant spice market colour of Indian pigments, new botanicals from Korean laboratories, luxurious fragrances from Arabian oils, or skin healing elixirs from the Levant.
The fresh brand and great authenticity are relevant to today's looks but come from a new direction and inspiration. The East is a source of Creativity with its rich and diverse notions of beauty.

IYA Investment Co

  IYA investment group owns several leading livestock companies with experience dating back to the mid-sixties of the last century. The project began with establishing a project to produce table eggs and a factory to produce feeds, which was one of the region's first projects in this field. As a result, the group expanded by establishing massive feed factories throughout the Kingdom.
IYA Investment Group has also expanded in the poultry industry, establishing projects for the grandparents of chicken meat and layer breeders to meet the growing demand for eggs and chicken meat.


ALYAMAMA is a Saudi joint stock company that began operations in 2007. Its business was primarily focused on the domains of investment and real estate development. The company saw steady growth and success within a few years of its founding thanks to a solid foundation of financial and intellectual resources, collected knowledge among its founders, and a highly skilled workforce


  AlasilaCX provides the perspectives, guidance, and tools you need to deliver a next-generation, personalized customer experience at scale.
AlasilaCX drives the planning, design, and delivery of innovative, differentiated customer experiences as early leaders in the Saudi market in customer experience management. At AlasilaCX, its teams deliver cutting-edge customer experience solutions based on extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

Albassam Group

The Albassam Group is a well-known conglomerate with diverse industrial and commercial interests. In 1955, it began trading in petroleum equipment with Saudi Aramco. Later, the group broadened its operations to include Trading, Petroleum Services, NDT & Lab, Services, Manufacturing, Contracting, Travel & Tourism, Water Treatment, and Real Estate, with the goal of establishing industries and services, generating value for its shareholders, developing strategic alliances, transferring technologies, and creating job opportunities.


Throughout Saudi Arabia, AMNCO provides comprehensive civil security services to government and private entities. AMNCO has had a string of successes and a good reputation in the Gulf Region due to its acquisition of the security sector and the transfer of funds via its leading services over the last 34 years.
AMNCO provides security consulting, risk assessment, and security solutions to private companies and civilians who want to secure their facilities, employees, and clients in Saudi Arabia to the highest levels of security.

Al Osais International Holding Company

Al Osais had modest beginnings in trading petroleum products, operating gas stations in the Eastern Province, and taking on construction contracts back in 1972. Al Osais International Holding Company is the result of this multifaceted company group's growth in size and businesses over the past 40 years.

Al Rajhi Building & Construction

In several regions of Saudi Arabia, the Alrajhi Construction and Commerce organization has a long history of fully developing residential buildings, starting with villas, townhouses, and complexes and finishing with towers for rent and sale. In different areas of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we provide a large selection of rental houses

Virsual Vision

In order to provide customers with a business benefit, Virtual Vision (V2), a business technology company, applies technology with a specific goal. V2, which was founded in 2006, is a market leader in general IT solutions, managed and professional services, and cloud computing.


Proteina Food Company was established to produce meat in late 1993 in Al-Kharj Governorate. The company seeks to be one of the pioneering model companies in the Middle East in producing local and fresh meat and then marketing it to contribute to upgrading the Saudi economy via improving performance & quality management. The company is keen to keep up with technology in the fattening sector, especially in fattening calves, to ensure accurate and good results continuously and consistently.


Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading is a company that specializes in construction, oil and gas, and maintenance and operation.

Sawaeed Business Services Company

Sawaeed is a company specializing in business services and running employment support programs. The Foundation operates under the umbrella of the Human Resources Fund (Hadaf). Since 2019, Sawaeed has become one of the unique models as a company capable of blending scientific methods and experiences with national goals and vision so that national cadres can work in the private sector market.

Altahy Almobdeh

Altahy Almobdeh is a training center for chefs where the center trains many levels of chefs (beginner, intermediate, Advanced) under the supervision of professional trainers and international hotels.

Stogo Logistics Services

Stogo Company is one of the logistics services companies in the Saudi market, as the company owns an area of ​​80,000 square meters of warehouses in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Stogo focuses on the logistics of warehousing operations. The company supports multiple types of storage operations, taking into account the required dry and cold temperatures. The company has a license to deal with both food and medical products. The company provides short-term and long-term logistical support keeping in mind minimum storage volumes and PL3 service to customers.

Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce&Industry

Al-Ahsa'a Chamber was established in 1402 AH. It is one of 27 chambers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Almonir Modern Company

Almonir Modern Company for Marketing Services


Tawaf Company is one of the local companies in the hotel management business. The company also operates in managing furnished housing units, general contracting, travel and aviation for 16 years. The company has gained its reputation through the projects it has developed, as it has a group of highly qualified cadres in this field.

Hand In Hand

Hand in Hand is a charitable entity based on donations. It is not for profit and is one of the programs of the “Edina Maa Ba’ad” Foundation, which aims to help those who have lost a limb in Egypt by providing them with free 3D prosthetic devices.