Purchase Management Saudi Arabia

Purchase Workflow Automation

Improve the performance of your purchase with procurement rules. Replenishment methods can be selected for different products according to delivery and production strategies.

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Availability & Price of Products

Make your purchase decision smarter by comparing the price list from suppliers. Track the availability and order of products easily with the help of our app.

Negotiate with Vendors

Get offers with purchase tenders with our app. Easily purchase orders and get the best deals. Analyzing the vendors' quality is also easy with our report system.

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Purchase Statistics

Know the performance of your suppliers easily with our reporting system. The quantity purchased and negotiated price can be analyzed from the report. Analyze contracts' profitability by linking both the accounting and purchases.

Multi-company Management

Manage different companies under the same Odoo Software. Make sales orders, manage customers, suppliers and products, and create invoices for any company you manage with a click. Automation of invoices can also be done to save you time.

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Manage Purchase & Supplies With OdooTec