Odoo Studio

 You Only Need To Build Custom Applications  

Build Awesome Applications

Design awesome and featured applications within minutes. As per your requirements, you can start designing and making stunning apps.

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Prepare Stunning Report

Start creating significant reports using our amazing report builder. With these reports, you easily track the growth of your app.

Start Customizing The Screen

Apart from the forms, customize pivot tables, graphs, matrices, charts, and so on. It makes your content more reader-friendly.

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  Get Business Workflows Automated

Convey the logic of your business in your application and start automating the tasks with no development. The automation makes your business run more smoothly.

Be Productive

Start boosting your application with the report engine, email gateway, workflows, BI, etc. These techniques could improve the advantages of your application.

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Have a Mobile App

Your application will automatically get a responsive mobile user interface. It fits the user's screen, whether it is a tablet, mobile, or any other electronic device.

Low Code

Low Code is a development approach with less hand-coding that makes your work easier. It helps you to build applications for mobile and web using the drag & drop components and by modern-driven logic through the graphic user interface.

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