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Odoo Timesheet

Track the time you worked and check your working hours easily by logging into the timesheet app. Use the timesheet anytime, anywhere, from any device without any hassles.

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Make Your Work Flow Smart

Use the Day Planner to plan and schedule activities and tasks before you start your work.  

Count the time you take to do time with the help of a timer. On the timer and work and check the time you had taken for that particular work. 

Work fast and smart with Odoo Time-sheet. Don't bother if you don't have a proper internet connection, you can still update the timesheet, which will be synced when you come online.

Resource Forecasts

Schedule your projects planning your employee's leave ahead. Plan well before starting the project, including the employee's schedule and holidays. Improve the profitability of your company by checking the real-time forecasts of timesheets.

Odoo Timesheet Management