OdooTec’s Outsourcing Services

We believe that no matter how big it is, one company cannot handle everything. In addition to implementing and customizing Odoo ERP, OdooTec offers software development outsourcing services to cover all types of projects enabling our clients to lower their costs and deliver their projects on time. What we do is we take on your project, handle all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle for you, including requirements gathering/analysis, development and testing and deliver fully functional production-ready software.

Why Use Our Outsourcing Services?

Technology evolves at lightning speed, and new technologies may be obsolete in a few years. Competition has become fiercer than ever, and introducing your teams to new technologies or hiring extra capacity to handle that huge project you've just won may be a time-consuming and costly endeavour. Outsourcing can help you overcome these challenges.  

Reduce Software Development Costs and Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Using outsourcing services can cut down your hiring expenses, including various labour benefits such as medical insurance, training, vacations, .etc. All of these are reflected in a lower final price of your software products, enabling you to offer competitive prices and maximize your profit margin.  


We can give you full access to the teams assigned to your project so you can transparently track the progress of your work and follow up on the accurate implementation of your requirements.  

Flexibility and Speed

Hiring experts in all IT technologies is impossible, so turning to outsourcing to entirely or partially fulfill projects' development needs is no longer optional. Why go through the lengthy and demanding process of recruiting, employing, training and managing specialized software teams in-house and bear all the costs and legal responsibilities when you can just use the services of our professional, well-trained teams and let us do all the work for you.  

Engineering Department

Our seasoned engineers can help you confidently and quickly realize your goals by building your next project from scratch or taking your existing projects to the next level.  

Our outsourcing services fall into two categories:  

Odoo Engineers

Our Odoo developers are experienced in creating and customizing applications, modules and features within the Odoo ERP system and/or integrating it with any other platform or application. 

Full Stack Engineers 

Our highly qualified Full-stack engineers are experts in the fields: 

  • System Integration
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Desktop Applications
  • Specialized software (e.g. CRM, HR, Manufacturing, .etc.).
  • Local Solutions (e.g. e-invoice)
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • eCommerce Development

And they are proficient in these technologies, among others:
Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, .NET Core, and ASP. NET and PHP

Our Testing Process

We believe that good testing will lead to reliable software, as high-quality testing prevents bugs, reduces development costs, and improves performance. OdooTec testing team follows a methodological testing process that includes unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, functional testing,.etc.

The Process of Odootec Helpdesk

OdooTec supports an efficient HelpDesk system to cover all client's needs

  • Send Your issues using many methods (e.g. Emails, Tickets, Calls) to have a ticket number.
  • A well-defined cycle to solve the problems from development to the last level of quality assurance.
  • Short response times as soon as possible.
  • Client awareness at all times of the current status of each ticket.

Our Clients

In a few years, many clients trusted OdooTec with their projects, including MedNet, Qahtani, Oud Milano, Al-Amoudi Group, and many others. Our Clients

Next Steps

Our process consists of a few simple and clear steps:

  • You can  contact us:   and explain your requirements.
  • We send you a quote for your project:  Our team will help you define the optimal resources needed, expected cost and timeline. 
  • Project launch

Our results

  • One of the best Odoo gold partners for many years, including the current year.
  • Best Odoo partner In north Africa and the middle east in 2019. 
  • A lot of successful implementations with large companies and corporations.

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