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Let your dream of online coaching classes come true with our awesome learning management system. Share Knowledge!

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Odoo e-learning platform

Offer Courses from Best Platform

We have worked hard to make your e-learning platform user friendly and of course it is super easy for you and your students to follow. Use the beautifully designed management system to engage learners.

You can also make use of our high resolution images and other contents to make your platform stand out from other crowds. 

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Engage & Track Progress Easily

Some of the engaging elements we added are quizzes, badges and cohort question/answers which helps the users to spend time and get into the track without e-learning management system. 

Measuring progress makes the learners evaluate their performance and hence we have implemented this in our super awesome learning system where upon evaluation badges and certifications are offered as rewards!

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Our Features

Engaging Content

Rapid Editing

Self Paced Learning


Quizzes & Reviews


Insight of Real Time Report

Get to know how many visitors you have for each lessons you provide. Our real time reports offers insight data on revenues they generate, courses, certifications as well as the performance of learners.

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