Letter of Thanks

Dear OdooTec Directors and Members.

As we have already started working with your excellent system, I would like to express my gratitude at this time for your great efforts in completing the project on time. I would like to thank all the OdooTec members, especially the following ones:

  • Mr. Mohamed Abu Zaid, Director of Implementation and Technical Support, as he followed up on the project.
  • Mr. Mohamed Sayed, the Sales Director, was the main reason for our decision to settle on Odoo systems to manage the company's affairs with one of the industry's best business management systems.
  • To Mr. Mustafa Rahim, our words of thanks fall short, as he spared no time or effort to meet our needs and consistently followed up with the development team to reach the optimal solutions for our work. I'm so grateful for his dedication to our project.
  • Finally, a special thanks to engineer Hesham Elmahdy. I greatly benefited from his valuable explanatory videos on the internet.

During the course of our collaboration with OdooTec, I did not find any negligence on your part, nor did I notice any on the part of the esteemed members of their team nor any feeling of anger or monotony in the face of the workloads we completed together during the project period. I wish to compliment you on your impeccable professionalism and I wish you success in all of your future business endeavors, In Shaa' Allah.

Accountant Mohamed Al-Saeed