POS Software Saudi Arabia

POS Software for Shops in Saudi Arabia

Odoo POS can be easily used by any retail company for their needs. It comes with a smart interface that makes it more flexible. With OdooTec in Saudi Arabia, you can also design the Odoo POS Software according to your needs. 

It is responsive to all the devices such as tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, and so on. Along with these features, odoo POS doesn’t need any type of specific hardware & installation. 

Using the Odoo inventory app, you can quickly find the real-time accessibility of the product.

pos software saudi arabia

It is responsive to all the devices such as tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, and so on. Along with these features, odoo POS doesn’t need any type of specific hardware & installation. Using the Odoo POS app, you can quickly find the real-time accessibility of the product. 

Works on both online and offline

You can set up a shop quickly with an internet connection. Then, start using your point of sales at any time, everywhere. To start the POS, an internet connection is needed. But, it will remain working even if it lost the entire connection. Therefore, you can manage it in offline situations also.

Reward Your Customers

Through Odoo loyalty programs, you can reward your loyal customers with gifts, points and offers.

Track Your Customers

You can track the buying habits of your customers by registering them.

POS Software for Restaurants in Saudi Arabia 

This interface is completely built for productivity. Using Odoo POS Software in Saudi Arabia, you can manage multiple customers in restaurants , easily split bills, do product sorting, and perform many other tasks. The floor plan helps you to analyze where your customers are sitting, where is the free table, who is waiting for the food, and so on.

The application is responsive to all types of devices and doesn’t require any specific hardware. In order to start the application, it requires an internet connection. But it remains operational even it is disconnected. 

You can easily get in touch with your customers through the app. You can offer them a better experience with your services like providing loyalty cards, manage sales and cash instantly, etc. Using this you can also know the availability of a product without losing the time.

point of sale software
point of sale software saudi arabia

POS Retail Software Saudi Arabia

OdooTec offers a modern Odoo POS retail software in Saudi Arabia that caters for selling consumer goods as well as consumer services. The retail industry requires flexible and stable retail software that enables retailers to respond to ever changing consumer market needs. Odoo's POS retail solution also caters for governmental regulations of issuing receipts in Arabic and possibly in both Arabic, English and many other foreign languages. Odoo retail software is well integrated with all other parts of Odoo, like supply chain and marketing. The retail solution from Odoo not only provides customer loyalty points but also integrates well with a robust CRM features like KYC (Know Your Customer). The retail software from Odoo could be integrated with SMS to prevent fraud and enforce retail customer loyalty.

What is IOT Box?

lOT Box is a device that is used to connect USB POS peripherals on all types of devices. Along with making the functions easier, it also saves your cost.  

Barcode scanners, weighing scale, cash registers, receipt printers are some of the peripherals that are needed. A customer display is another peripheral that can be used with the help of a loT Box. 



How does Odoo POS Software Saudi Arabia add value to retail businesses?

Odoo POS software helps users understand the real-time accessibility of any product they sell. They ensure the smooth conduct of sales in a retail shop without any hassles or delays. As it can be easily integrated with any device, (from desktop computers to mobile devices and tablets) retail shops of all scales can make use of its features

 What is an IoT Box?

IOT Box is a compact device based on the raspberry pi. It is used to connect USB POS peripherals like barcode scanners, weighing scales, cash registers, and receipt printers. It comes completely integrated with Odoo and enhances its usability and scope of functionalities

What sets apart Odoo POS Software?

Following are the distinctive features of Odoo POS software:

  • It works both online and offline. Although you need to go online to get the POS moving, once it starts, it remains in action even without an internet connection.

  • Rewards customers with gifts, points and offer through Odoo loyalty programs. 

  • Once a user registers on the platform, you can keep track of their shopping pattern so that you can tweak your strategies accordingly.

How does Odoo POS software cater to restaurant businesses in Saudi Arabia?

These are some of the ways POS software helps restaurants manage their activities more efficiently:

  • Handle multiple customers with ease.

  • Splits bills easily.

  • Know which tables are occupied and what they have ordered at what time.

  • Multiple user access with or without an internet connection.

Does Odoo POS require any specific hardware?

No. Regular devices will work just fine.