Common Questions

What is the size of your company?

As OdoTec Company, we have been ranked as one of the best partners of Odoo in the region for several years, including the current year, 2022. We have already been approved as the best partner for Odoo in North Africa and the Middle East in 2019. We have equipped and developed financial systems for many clients within a few years. Thanks to Allah, we have a good reputation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. We have big clients in the market of the Kingdom. You can see the list of clients on our website.

I want a trial for the systems I want, can I?

You can contact the company so that one of our consultants will inform you about the systems we support. You can also communicate via the Internet to explain the systems remotely and respond to your inquiries and requests.

How do you envision the future of OdooTec?​

We are one of the best Odoo partners in the region and always strive to remain one of the best Odoo system suppliers. So far, we have clients in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Egypt and the UAE, and our development branches in Egypt and India are working together harmoniously to satisfy our clients and reach the best possible solutions. We have future ambitions to cover all countries in the Middle East and North America. We are already preparing Odoo systems in Canada and will, Allah willing, attract clients in the United States of America. Our reputation with Odoo, thanks to Allah, qualifies us to be global. We seek to develop our own products using Odoo as an essential starting point. We are moving in this direction now, and we already have more than one client in this field. We are open to everything new and receptive to the challenges of the times.

I'm already working on an ERP system. Can I transfer the old data to your system?

Yes, OdooTec provides a data transfer service for the basic data from the client's previous systems to ours. All we need is the ability to export the existing database data as Excel Sheets, and we can then import it into your widget's primary database.

I've detected a bug. Will it be resolved quickly?

Yes, within the framework of the maintenance contract, Odootec is committed to solving any software error that the client encounters. The error will be resolved as quickly as possible, but we are committed to promptly resolving any issues that may cause the client to stop working.

My activity has expanded, and I want to buy a new module. Can you help me in a short time?

Of course, the client's activity will be studied, and if the nature of his work agrees with one of the ready-made Odootec programs from previous projects, this will help to complete the processing process in a short period. Otherwise, we will study the client's situation and agree on the cost and the expected time. 

Can I request some enhancements later?

Yes, the company does not mind developing any improvements approved by our Odootec consultants.

Can the database be restored if a malfunction in the database occurs?

Odoo's SH systems provide automatic daily backup of the database, which can then be returned to any day before. But if there is any damage to the database, our developers will work to solve this problem as soon as possible in accordance with the maintenance contract.

What are the prices of Odotec systems?

We first study the client's requirements, as the work cycle varies from one client to another. Some customers may be satisfied with only the essential functions of Odoo. In contrast, others may adopt a complex work cycle that requires more effort and time in preparation and development, in addition to the expected training period based on the number of employees. Of course, the price will vary depending on the customer's work and the size of the equipment that will be implemented. The price varies according to the number of systems, the number of users and the client's country; contact any of our branches to know the exact price requested.

The employees' number has increased. Can I increase the number of users?

Of course, you can do that whenever you want. You can increase the number of users, and Odoo will issue an invoice at the required cost according to the number of additional users. Odootech has nothing to do with this matter.

I have more than one company. Is it possible to deal with all of them through one database?

This is one of the advantages of Odoo's essential systems. Any number of companies can deal with the systems, whether on one database or more than one database, according to the customer's desire. Each user can be limited to dealing with one company or has the authority to deal with several databases simultaneously. On the other hand, you can have financial data for each company or aggregate financial data at the level of all companies or more than one company. Consolidated Reports can be issued for any database information for more than one company.

How much time is required to prepare the system to be compatible with my business activity?

The time will vary according to the amount of implementation required, the response of the client's officials, and the staff response during the training period on the systems.

I need to operate the system from outside the workplace. Can I do that??

Odoo systems are browser-based applications, so you can deal with them online through any mobile device or mobile phone, and they can be dealt with through any operating system.

Does the program price include training and implementation?

The cost of the system is divided into parts, which are as follows:

  • License: which is a value in favour of Odoo.

  • The hosting of the database server: The client can use Odoo SH by Odoo or another company such as Amazon, Oracle, or others. Of course, We recommend Odoo SH.

  • The Implementation: This includes planning, execution, development, training, and all that is needed until the final delivery of the project to the client.

  • Annual Technical Support

The rights of Odootec are represented in the implementation and annual technical support. As for licensing and hosting, we will help the client to reach the best solutions based on the nature of his work and his capabilities.

Can I pay the program value in payments?

Yes, You can pay the advance payment upon signing the contract. The rest of the payments are paid at intervals according to the contract between the company and the customer. You can contact our nearest branch to know in detail the payment methods.

What is the hardware required for devices to deal with your programs?

Odoo systems are browser-based applications; therefore, they do not need high technical capabilities for the peripheral devices that connect to the database server. This is one of the advantages of Odoo systems in general.

Do you have a testing team for systems to reduce the defects in your solutions?

We believe that good testing is one of the essential requirements to reach a high-quality product. We already have a Testing Team. When developing any additional feature requested by the client, this feature enters into four testing phases, which are as follows:

  • The developer is testing the feature himself.

  • Then the tester tests it again.

  • After that, the implementor checks the integrity of this feature for software defects.

  • Finally, it is handed over to the client to ensure that the required feature has been properly developed.

Moreover, Odoo systems are used by millions of users worldwide, and Odoo regularly releases updates based on user reviews, so Odoo systems are very stable, unlike many local systems.

Do you provide explanations and videos for the clients' trainees?

Yes, in the training period, the trainee can record the training of our consultants; however, the essential odoo systems have unlimited materials and videos online.