Secure and effective notification system. 

Better than SMS messages

In light of the general trend of digitizing notifications via SMS messages, including those related to money transfers, fraud methods have developed and become more ferocious across many telecom service providers around the world.

Therefore there is an urgent need for a safe and effective system through which it is easy to issue notifications securely, avoiding many of the disadvantages of text messages, which include the following issues:

  • The high cost of SMS messages, especially when the company generates a huge number of notifications daily.
  • SMS messages are limited to a maximum of characters and may get split into many messages, reducing the quality of their content and effectiveness.
  • SMS messages are usually unsafe as they can be issued over the internet through fake accounts, which many people with limited experience may be deceived by. In addition, the temporary password (OTP) can be accessed by anyone who has access to the database of the telecom company.
  • Sacrificing the advantage of communicating with the internet via SMS messages has become common practice, as the establishment may have to not attach any hyperlinks to SMS messages so that the customer is not deceived by the fake messages.
  • The SMS box is not dedicated to a specific establishment or company, as it is a collection of all incoming text messages, including personal and ads-related ones. Therefore, the critical notices that require quick decision-making may not be opened by the person amidst many messages.
  • The phone may be lost, which leads to the loss of the SIM card; consequently, the notifications will be lost permanently, especially when the customer travels to another country with a roaming service.

Notifaio: Our best alternative to SMS

With all the previous reasons and the need for speedy decision-making, the Notifaio system has been developed as the first alternative system for SMS messages in the region. This system is designed so that the security of notifications is a top priority.
We took the initiative and prepared to face all obstacles.

Why you should have Notifaio for your customers' notifications

  • Both the notifications and the database are encrypted, as well as the communication with the client.
  • The notifications cost is much lower than the cost of SMS messages provided by telecom companies.
  • With Notifaio, do not concern yourself anymore with the size of the text sent or the speed of its arrival to customers, as the size of the message may reach 1000 characters compared to 160 characters of SMS messages, and the speed of the notifications is the same as the speed of the internet service that you use.
  • The application is intended for customers covered by the service only, as the possibility of receiving annoying messages from those not eligible for this does not exist.
  • We designed a page in the application dedicated to temporary passwords (OTP) and then easy access to them instantly. These passwords will be automatically deleted (Self-deleting) after a specified time.
  • The customers can view their notifications via their account on the application only. There is no longer a need for a SIM card; therefore, there is no fear of losing messages due to damage or loss of the SIM.
  • We know that psychological reassurance is a legitimate requirement for your customers. Of course, the system will allow the customer to link the account to his phone number or email.
  • Allow your customers to view notifications from any mobile, whether Android or iPhone.
  • Allow your customers to stop receiving messages for any reason (PDPL).
  • The telecom company is no longer an intermediary between you and your customers. Your customers can receive notifications via any internet service provider.
  • If you are an Odoo client, you can integrate your system with Notifaio. This way, your customers can issue support tickets via the application using the temporary password (OTP).
  • Notifaio is not related to chatting and social media. The establishment issues the notifications to users, not vice versa (One Way notification Application).