ERP/Odoo Functional Consultant

OdooTec is hiring a team of experienced Odoo Functional Consultants with in-depth knowledge, and excellent track records in implementing and supporting Odoo. The candidates will demonstrate proficiency in presenting, discussing, and providing Odoo functional consulting services to our clients. The candidates must have implemented a wide range of Odoo projects on POS, Website, Accounting, Supply Chain, HR, and other apps that are currently live on client production servers. We particularly seek to hire motivated professionals to provide truly high-quality Odoo professional services to our current and prospective clients. As Functional Consultants, you will be responsible for the day-to-day pre-sales, project implementations, and live support; from drafting requirement documents to configuring Odoo and end-user training. You will be an essential part of a team delivering high-quality services to OdooTec clients.  Playing this role, you will work closely with other teams to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty. This position is critical to OdooTec's success, providing unparalleled quality services to existing clients and demonstrating the true value of OdooTec to prospective clients.

Our clients are the most important asset, we are hiring people who will take care of them, making our clients extremely loyal to OdooTec.

Office Location: Cairo, 5th settlement.




Solution architecture

Client relationship management

Project Management 


Time & quality pressure

Expectation management


Remote work (sometimes)

Stakeholder management

Must Have



Deep hands-on experience on Odoo

Fluent in both English and Arabic

Strict commitment to company policies, procedures, and systems

About the candidates:

    • Typically experienced Odoo functional consultants who were top of their classes and have ERP implementation skills.
    • Has excellent skills in client relationship management.
    • Delivers solutions that practicalize project delivery according to the scope of the working document, within the planned budget and timeframe.
    • Has a deep understanding of various business aspects.
    • Excellent experience in project management.
    • Highly skilled in managing time and recording activities and timesheets.
    • Has excellent people skills and can manage expectations and diverse teams.
    • Can show excellent presentation and communication skills.
    • Able to create complete requirement documents, design documents, and solution illustration diagrams.
    • Must have financial accounting experience.
    • Has proven experience with various ERP systems.
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of The Job:
Overachieving Possibilities:

How we hire:

Almost everything we do in OdooTec follows a process; either automated in our CRM or written in our Internal Policy document. Hiring is not an exception. Our hiring process goes as follows:

  • Initial Qualification: We quickly scan through the CV and either move to forward for further processing or we respectfully refuse it.

  • To Be Interviewed: Is an intermediate process, where you will get further communication, either by phone or email.

  • First Interview.

  • Second Interview(s).

  • Offer letter. 

The possible outcome of each of the above stages is either move to the next stage or respectfully refuse the application. Please feel free to communicate with us as a reply to the email(s) you will receive. Direct email communication (not as a reply to the mentioned emails) are not acceptable. Also, phone calls and Facebook messages are not accepted.

Hiring is hard, but we do our best to make it a pleasant process for us and for you.