Project Coordinator

Cairo, Egypt

OdooTec is hiring a team of professionals who will be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their assigned projects. 

The role of the Project Coordinator is to oversee that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet high-quality standards.

Our clients are the most important asset, we are hiring people who will take care of them, making our clients extremely loyal to OdooTec.

Office Location: Cairo, 5th settlement.


    • Supervise and track the progress of projects project and deal promptly with any problems that may arise
    • Ensure each project remains on plan and adheres to the deadlines.
    • Keep his eyes on milestones, deliverables, and change requests.
    • Document minutes of meetings and ensure they are implemented by following up with concerned parties.
    • Attention to detail and problem-solving abilities ensure optimal results.
    • Escalate to management when it sees necessary.
    • Manage clients and ensure their satisfaction.
    • Ensure clear and efficient communication between all parties involved, and manage resources effectively.


Time & quality pressure

Expectation management


Stakeholder management

Must Have



Fluent in both English and Arabic

Strict commitment to company policies, procedures, and systems

About the candidates:

      • 1+ work experience as a Project Coordinator or similar role.
      • Experience in coordinating teams and clients.
      • Proven success in corporate management at all levels.
      • Possess abilities to create flowcharts, schedules, and step-by-step action plans
      • Excellent organizational skills, including multitasking, time management, communication, and presentation skills.
      • Having a strong understanding of risk management and quality assurance control.
      • BSc in Business Administration or related field
      • Fluent in English is a must.
      • PMP certification is a plus

Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of The Job:
Overachieving Possibilities:

How we hire:

Almost everything we do in OdooTec follows a process; either automated in our CRM or written in our Internal Policy document. Hiring is not an exception. Our hiring process goes as follows:

  • Initial Qualification: We quickly scan through the CV and either move to forward for further processing or we respectfully refuse it.
  • To Be Interviewed: Is an intermediate process, where you will get further communication, either by phone or email.
  • First Interview.
  • Second Interview(s).
  • Offer letter. 

The possible outcome of each of the above stages is either move to the next stage or respectfully refuse the application. Please feel free to communicate with us as a reply to the email(s) you will receive. Direct email communication (not as a reply to the mentioned emails) are not acceptable. Also, phone calls and Facebook messages are not accepted.

Hiring is hard, but we do our best to make it a pleasant process for us and for you.