Odoo 14 Expected Features

June 2, 2020 by
Odoo 14 Expected Features
Mohamed Sayed

Implementing Odoo in business makes it simple. With the remarkable introduction of Odoo 13 in 2019, Odoo paved a way for the businesses to work much easier. By October 2020, Odoo is introducing new version which makes the users really excited. Odoo have showcased the roadmap of the latest version of Odoo 14, which gives us a glimpse of the forthcoming Odoo 14 features. 

Odoo 14 attempts to upgrade by focusing on a few guidelines :

1. Save Employee Time

Odoo 14 makes it simple for users to enter or process documents without consuming much time.

2. Cross-App Integration

An upgraded Cross-App Integration is another reformed features in Odoo 14. Cross-App Integration is one of the finest feature of Odoo as it makes integration of cross platform app facile, which in-turn escalates the efficiency of Odoo 14. For example, integrating eCommerce and Rental apps, Documents with any other apps or Email templates with Studio.

3. Extra Smart Warnings

Odoo 14 have implemented smart warning feature with the assistance of Odoo Autobot. With the execution of Smart Warnings, users get notified warnings which help them to update and finish work easily. For example, the users will get activities to complete, like “Please update the Delivery date of this Sales Order; after the replenishment (Purchase or Manufacturing) is pushed back.”

4. Framework Changes

Framework restructure is yet another astonishing feature showcased in the roadmap of Odoo14. Re-organized framework aids in smoother performance. Odoo 14 is also expected to come up with restructured Javascript, ORM and Python, thereby enhancing the effective performance.

Features expected in Odoo 14 :

1. Studio

Emerging features in Studio :

Quick Object Creation

Building apps is much easier with the implementation of new features like Pick Options in Odoo 14, which will have different widgets vital for apps. Users can easily pick up the necessary widget required for the building apps.

Customizable Approval Flow

Another exciting feature of Odoo 14 is the Approval Rules which can be applied to different actions according to the business needs and requirements. Customizable approval rules makes the business workflow more steamlined.

Custom Buttons Or Computed Fields

To improve the user friendliness, Odoo 14 have the brand new feature to make customizable computed fields and buttons.

2. Accounting

Quick widgets feature, showcased in Odoo 14 roadmap is the significant update for accounting which is primarily coupled to save time.

3. Website Builder & e-Commerce

Odoo have also paid much attention to website builder and e-commerce in Odoo 14. 

It includes:

Revamping Building Blocks

Over 50 blocks and 25 website themes are available in Odoo 14. In Odoo 14, the headers and footers along with the widgets are fully customizable. Building an amazing website with fully customizable theme is simple and effective now. Thus the overall design and structure of the website can be carved according to the business and user needs.

Countdown and Chart Widget

Countdown and Chart are the two new website building widgets in Odoo 14 

4. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is one among the significant features of Odoo 14. 

Eg. Spreadsheet Pivot with the aid of a pivot table allows to make formulas, columns and lines that can later help to make reports, which will follow automatic updation.

Visual Dashboards and Ranking reports are the focus properties in the second phase of Business Intelligence. These reports helps in bettering the workflow and business by providing an overview of all reports, thereby making it an efficient feature.

5. Data Cleaning

A brand new module called Data cleaning, is to be introduced in Odoo 14. Data cleaning is concerned with detecting and merging duplicates. This feature can also be utilised to remove undesirable records or fields.


Field Clearing

6. Expenses

Expense Summary is another feature of Odoo 14 which offers summary of expenses.


7. Emojis Widget

With Odoo 14 emojis can be added to text and character fields

Emojis in text field

Emojis in char field

New features in Odoo 14 can help manage businesses perfectly. You can enhance these features more with further customization. So, the new features as discussed in Odoo 14 roadmap offers new opportunities for users as well as developers. 

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Odoo 14 Expected Features
Mohamed Sayed June 2, 2020
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