OdooTec advises its clients to use this feature for communication to save time and effort

March 21, 2023 by
M El Dabbas

Communication between employees to accomplish work usually has a vague methodology, as some users communicate verbally, while others prefer to use WhatsApp, email, and other communication tools.
These traditional methods are difficult for managers to monitor the working track or to evaluate employees' work, for example.
OdooTec recommends its clients to oblige users among themselves to use the communication tools of the system concerning the business of the establishment and to dispense with other communication tools, as Odoo allows communication between employees through system tools such as internal messages, scheduled tasks, and so on, thus dispensing with traditional email and other communication tools Like WhatsApp. Then there is no need to exit the primary work environment interface. This method will make it easier for managers to track employee workflows through the log file.

M El Dabbas March 21, 2023
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