Top 7 Accounting Software In Saudi Arabia

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Top 7 Accounting Software In Saudi Arabia
Hesham Elmahdy

Having the best accounting software can benefit your business in many ways. Today, different types of accounting software are available in the market to boost your business. Choosing any one among these lists is a complex task. 

The accounting software should be able to perform different functions like keeping records, managing business accounts, and much more. So that you should be very sensitive in opting for the specific software.

Here, we are discussing the top 5 accounting software that you can choose for your business.

How to choose the Best Accounting ERP Software

As said, choosing ERP software plays an important role in your business. While opting for an accounting business ERP, some of the factors need to be considered.

Consider your needs

You want to choose the software based on your industry and the requirements. Also, proper research can help you to find the exact software that matches your business needs.


Today, accounting software is available for different budgets. Generally, more specialized software may cost a higher amount. In case you need to include many customizations and insert some additional features, then you can opt for a premium. Else, it is better to stick on to the OdooTec Express.

Get help from your accountant:

It is better to get advice from your accountant as he/she can easily find#software that is compatible with what they use. In case you are not able to discuss with your accountant, then ask a third person who has the proper knowledge in the accounting field or to a person who uses these types of accounting software.

Also, the degree of specialization, number of employees, and scalability of ERP are some of the other factors that you should consider.

Best Accounting Software in Saudi Arabia

Here, we have listed some of the Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares that are being used by a number of users.


Odoo is an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning solution for businesses that develop cost-effective management of an enterprise. Odoo is the most efficient software that manages your business aspects like accounting, e-commerce, manufacturing, billing, inventory, and project management.  

OdooTec is a software-based company in Saudi Arabia. It is the Golden Partner of Odoo that provides some efficient financial accounting software in Saudi Arabia to uplift your firm to its next level.


Oracle ERP is a cloud-based application that was introduced by Oracle Corporation in the year of 2012. This business management software manages financial activities, projects, and procurement.


SAP ERP is a resource planning software for the enterprise that manages the key business activities of an organization. ERP software is mostly aimed at medium and small enterprises. Like other ERP software, it manages the business operations like finance, sales, supply chain, and much more. 

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of CRM and ERP software that was developed by Microsoft. It also focuses on services, retail, public sector, manufacturing, and financial services. Also, Microsoft Dynamics is able to perform financial reporting along with creating a balance sheet, income statement, etc.   


It offers a complete business solution with some special features like SMS and Email integration, financial analysis, archiving system, income statements, and many more. The software also lets you check whether you have met your target with the help of financial ratio analysis.

Focus Softnet

Focus Softnet provides powerful ERP software that you can implement in your business to perform activities like order processing, inventory, accounting, finance management, and so on. Analyzing these transactions may help you to improve the business by achieving the desired target.


Quickbook is a cost-effective and efficient method that lets you run the business. It helps you to manage the accounting, inventory, track the time, and much more. As it is an all-in-one solution for an enterprise, many businesses have already implemented them.

A Few Final Words

These all are the ERP software used by a wide number of companies. You can choose any of them based on your preference and needs. But, always do a study before opting for any ERP software. So that you won’t face any issues in the future.

Top 7 Accounting Software In Saudi Arabia
Hesham Elmahdy September 15, 2020
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