Human Resource Management Saudi Arabia

Human Resources Management

The exponential growth in technological advancement paved the way for integrating and automating the tedious procedures of employee management in a highly competitive corporate world. Performance and attendance of employees are the key factors that define the robustness of an organization. The entire workflow depends on a well-structured HR management system which in turn defines the overall success of your firm. Automation and a centralized method of handling staff profiles are helpful for an efficient organizational operation.  

OdooTec offers you cutting-edge strategies to simplify HR management with sophisticated embedded analytics. Your valuable time is our concern, and we take into account the issues that come along with the complex procedures of manual management. Hence we figured out what best fit for your fast-growing enterprise, which is a smart solution for fast and easy access to employee status and profile.

Why Choose Us?

Marketing Automation Development is made easy with Saudi Arabia’s fast-growing company, OdooTec. Our well-versed set of developers ensures that our integrated Human Resource Management software is efficient and easy to use even for the clientele having a weak technological background. With our prolonged experience and expertise, We produce the most flexible and adaptable HR management software that is easy to use.

  • Simply click to keep track of employee profiles, contracts, and time sheets.

  • Swiftly incorporate human resource management. 

  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology, staff status, expense, and appraisal data are timely tracked.

Administrative and Job Structure

You can define any number of departments and sections hierarchically, as well as work locations and employee job titles. This methodology supports the organizational side of the company and is an indispensable tool in the search and filtering procedures of system reports.

Advertise the Required Jobs Yourself

With our HR system, you do not need external recruitment sources, as you can set up your site to promote job vacancies and receive applications. You can then follow up on all applicants by defining a phased recruitment plan, such as assessing qualifications, communicating with them, the first and second interviews, submitting the job offer, and finally signing the contract. All these stages can be navigated visually using the exciting Kanban view, with the ability to attach employment documents. You can simply disqualify any applicants at any stage of recruitment or finally conclude a contract.

Action Plans for New and Resigned Employees

The system allows defining action plans for new employees so that the employee performs specific arranged tasks in the first work period, such as reading company policy, training to do the work, then evaluation, etc. Likewise, a particular plan for the last working period can be defined for resigned employees, such as handing over the employee his work to one of the other employees, training him on it, handing over the custody he has, and so on.

Detailed Information for Each Employee

When a job applicant is accepted, the system will help you automatically create a record for that employee based on the employment information recorded in the recruitment cycle, such as the employee's name, department, and job title. You can add a massive amount of data about the employee, such as contact information, address, marital status, skills, certificates, previous experiences, and more, through the record of each employee.

Set the System Per Regulations and Country Laws

You can configure the system to work according to your company's regulations, such as working hours, overtime rules, Deductions for employee delay and absence, as well as applying rewards and penalties based on employee evaluations and more. Also, define official holidays and salary currency by country. OdooTec human resources system supports the sponsor system applied in some Gulf countries, adding companions, tracking annual leaves, and more.

Easily Track Employee Attachments

Our human resources system integrates with the document management system, where all papers and images of the employees, such as graduation certificates, experience certificates, etc., can be attached. Use the system to record all movements made on each paper in a flexible organizational manner while ensuring complete confidentiality so that no paper can be viewed or edited except by authorized users.

Let Your Employees Serve Themselves

Using the Self-Service methodology reduces the effort and time required for employee requests. With our human resources system, any of the employees can serve themselves as they can log in to the company's website and issue the identification letter, add dependents, work assignments, leave requests, loan requests, delay permission, etc., and then the administration can approve or reject the request.

Manage Employees’ Custodies Effectively

All employee custodies, such as mobile phones, laptops, cars, and more, can be managed efficiently. Use the system reports to search for any of these custodies. These custodies can be easily retrieved from employees upon service termination, annual leave, or as required by work conditions.

Full Integration With the Accounting System

You can allocate the appropriate accounts to record the accounting effect of any employee transactions, such as the impact of the salary documents, custodies, loans, rewards, penalties, employee expenses, etc. Then the balances of each employee can be tracked through the account statements instantly.

Flexible System for Employee Loans

The system supports issuing loans to employees to be repaid later through a payment voucher or deducted from the employee's salary. Through the reports, you can keep track of all employee loans, the remainder of each loan and the remaining payment period. The system allows for rescheduling the repayment of loans or exempting some employees from some installments. Also, the system can automatically deduct the loan payment along with the salary voucher.


Define Salary Components as Needed

You can define any number of salary components for each employee, such as the basic salary, housing allowance, transportation allowance, bonuses, penalties and loan installments. The employee can view his salary voucher as soon as it is issued.

Support for Multiple Payments

You can configure the system to issue the salary per month, week, etc. On the other hand, many payments can be given to the employee during the same period, depending on the nature of the employee's work. The salary can be issued monthly, and other payments can be issued weekly or fortnightly.

Instant Communication With Employees

The system allows continuous communication with employees, whether between each other or with the management. With the Odoo Chatting system, Employees can communicate with each other for knowledge and experience transfer. Periodic messages can also be sent to employees, either by e-mail or via SMS, to inform them of the issuance of salaries or management instructions, for example, or at the individual level, such as rewards, penalties, warnings, etc.

Efficient and Robust Time Attendance System

Define any number of shifts that may differ from one employee to another. Consequently, lateness, early attendance and overtime will vary from one employee to another according to the work shift of each one. Of course, the attendance data can be linked to employee salaries, so that the salary may be affected by overtime and delays according to the company's policy.

Specialized Solutions for Odootec’s Clients

Sometimes, some of Odootec's clients request development solutions, including the following:
Some Odootec customers needed help registering the attendance of employees working outside the company's site, such as guard workers working in separate parts of Saudia Arabia, as recording their attendance data consumed a lot of time and effort. Odootec has provided a practical solution to this situation, where the attendance data of these employees is recorded flexibly and efficiently, taking into account the times of absence, the number of delays, and so on.
As another example, the working month's start and end dates may differ from the usual, such as the salary period starting from the 26th to the 25th of the following month or from the 24th to the 23rd of the following month, which caused an inconsistency in some of the attendance data with the client. With OdooTec, the system allows dealing with any method of determining employee salary periods and issuing payroll for thousands of employees with varying salary periods.

Working Schedule

With Odoo, you can create Working Schedules and control them for employees in a visual way, as through these schedules, it is possible to organize employee shifts according to role, project or employee, which makes it easy to track the tasks that need to be done and at any time.
With visual views supported by Odoo, you can get an overview of what tasks have already been planned and what remains. This method lets you quickly identify any of the employees' working schedules.
Also, to save time and effort, you can create shift structures to apply later to new shifts, as you can use a structure you created in advance instead of creating a new structure from scratch.
Finally, the system will warn you when you mistakenly schedule multiple tasks for the same employee at one time, which helps you avoid scheduling conflicts at the level of each employee.

Linking the Salary to the Performance and Loans

With OdooTec, you can set the system so that the salary can be affected by loan installments, penalties, violations, incentive bonuses, etc. The salary could also be affected by the monthly evaluations, whether positively or negatively, to influence the employee's salary directly.

High Flexibility for Vacations and Permissions

You can define any number of leave types to apply to a specific employee, one of the departments, or all company employees, such as annual, casual, sick leaves, and so on. It is possible to restrict the acceptance of leave with the approval of one of the managers or with more than one approval so that the vacation or permission is only accepted if all approvals are obtained. The system allows allocating a number of days of leave per month so that the employee does not exceed the number of specific days of vacation during the month, in addition to the possibility of carrying over holidays to the following year, with a maximum limit on the number of days that will be carried over, and finally the possibility of issuing allowance for the annual vacations. 

The system is also compatible with what is customary in Saudia Arabia concerning returning from vacation. The days of delay period is deducted from the employee when returning late or deporting the days' difference when returning early from the specified return date.
Regarding sick leaves, sick leaves in Saudi Arabia take a specific track, as the percentage of the company's coverage of the worker's salary in the first two months differs from the third and fourth months.
OdooTec has developed the Odoo Human Resources system per the company's policy and the applied laws in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, a specific number of permission hours can be allocated per month, allowing the employee to be late and leave early, with a maximum number of permission hours.

Comprehensive Support for All Allowances

The system supports all types of employee allowances customary in Saudia Arabia, such as transportation and housing allowances and travel allowances, whether for employees or companions. Also, the travel allowance can be paid as an item in the contract or when the employee travels to his home country during annual leave.

Track Employees Expenses

The system allows recording all expenses related to the employee's work, such as expenses for errands, meals, and transportation between different branches, and then issuing payment vouchers for the employee with the expense's value or adding the expense's value to the salary.
To calculate the allowance value of the errands, OdooTec provided a professional solution where the system was set so that the allowance value is shown automatically as soon as the employee is entered, whose information has been fed into the system. Then this allowance is added to the salary with the employee's salary account.

Health Insurance and Social Insurance

You can manage insurance categories through the health insurance module and define each category's pricing and insurance policy. You can add and delete the health coverage of employees or dependents.
On the other hand, OdooTec supports a social insurance system for employees through which you can determine the company's share and the employee's share of the insurance, whether for Saudi citizens or foreigners, per the laws in force in Saudi Arabia.

Employees’ Service Termination

The Clearance module helps you to terminate the employee's service, whether this termination is firing, resignation, or at the end of the contract period. The system can be set so that the end-of-service gratuity is paid according to the laws of each country and the number of years of service.