OdooTec Partnerships


Odoo S.A. is a Belgian software company offering Odoo, a comprehensive suite of open-source business management applications. Odoo's modular design covers areas like CRM, e-commerce, accounting, and more, making it adaptable for businesses of all sizes. This flexibility, along with the open-source model, contributes to Odoo's popularity as a cost-effective and customizable solution. Odoo S.A. fosters a strong community and partner network, providing support and implementation services for businesses using Odoo software.

OdooTec is the oldest and longest standing Odoo Gold Partner in Saudi Arabia and a four time nominee of Odoo's annual award for Best Partner in the Middle East and North Africa.


OdooTec has been recognized as one of the Top ERP Consulting Companies by Vendorland.


Maple Support Inc.

Maple Support Inc., based in Nova Scotia, Canada, focuses on harnessing the power of AI to transform businesses. They offer a range of AI-driven solutions, including web design for enhanced user experience, process automation to streamline operations, and strategic outsourcing services. Maple Support Inc. aims to help businesses leverage AI for improved efficiency, decision-making, and overall growth. To explore their AI solutions.

Maple Support Represents OdooTec in North America.