Odoo System Features

Why you should choose Odoo Business Management Systems?

Unlimited Number of Systems

Odoo includes all the major modules, such as supply chains, human resources, accounting, manufacturing, CRM, etc., which are essential for most businesses. All of these modules are simple to use for your business and customizable. Therefore, instead of using several applications for different processes, it is preferable to use a single business management interface that includes all these modules coherently. Therefore, Odoo is one of the best ERP management solutions out of all the systems available in the market.  The wonderfully prepared Odoo App Store provides excellent support to its users as there are tens of thousands of expandable apps every day. Most of these Odoo modules are completely free. Few of the developers of these modules charge a reasonable price according to the solutions they offer. These modules or applications are developed by Odoo partners around the world. You can use any number of these applications to customize your business management system. These applications and modules developed by Odoo partners are supported by their users with instant support worldwide, not to mention their ease of use. It is essential that a company specializing in application projects such as OdooTec tests, synthesizes, and connects these additional modules with the rest of the system modules.

Ease and Simplicity

  • One of the essential features of Odoo systems that makes it a strong competitor to the rest of the other global ERP systems is the ease of use, as the system contains a flexible and straightforward user interface. The employee does not need much time and effort to quickly adapt to the system, achieving the difficult equation while retaining many ERP features. The system is used with the standard methodology in dealing with web pages, where the system contains simple windows with one module. This methodology leads to faster adaptation to any new unit, which reduces the time and cost of training employees, unlike many other systems.

  • As Odoo is a web-based app, It supports all operating systems such as Linux, Unix-like, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • You can connect to the database anytime and anywhere as long as you have the authority. Unlike the Desktop App systems, you do not have to connect to a specific network to view or modify the database. Still, all you have to do is log in through a computer or your mobile phone or tablet to view the data and add to it as much as the authority granted to you.

Reasonable License Cost Compared to Other Systems

Odoo systems are characterized by a reasonable cost compared to other global systems. As Odoo is a Web-based application, it does not need expensive technical equipment as required with the other worldwide systems. The license value of Odoo systems is impressively low compared to the other global ERP systems, which charge an exorbitant price to install. Therefore, when you join OdooTec, the actual cost will be approximately the value of the implementation and support, not the license.

Full orientation to customer satisfaction

Odoo is a customer-oriented system. Odoo mainly supports the company's website and HelpDesk as the customers can request purchase orders online via the company's website which directly affects the  internal accounts.  This way, External communication With the customer is one of the essential features of Odoo systems. The internal accounts are no longer what the company is looking for, but with Odoo systems, the external accounts have become equally important. The external communication feature of the Odoo system is much higher than its counterpart in other global programs. These programs do not mostly support designing a website for the company so that the customer can create orders or create an account on the company's website.

Ease Integration With Other Websites and Applications

Through Odoo systems, it is possible to run promotional campaigns on social media and follow up on the company’s position on the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On the other hand, Odoo integrates with many other global applications such as eBay, WhatsApp, Amazon, Google Maps, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Xero, DropShipper EDI, RMA and many other applications. This feature makes it one of the preferred systems for many business owners and stores. In addition to that, the company's employees can easily communicate with each other. The company can make a community within the company and allow employees to communicate with each other through messages and chat.

Global Coverage of System Options

Odoo systems are distinguished by the global coverage of the system options. The system supports all languages. Unlike other international ERPs, the user does not feel any problems related to the Arabic language, for example. Users can switch between Arabic and English interfaces very simply, without difficulty, and any user can choose his favourite language. Odoo also supports all currencies and allows authorized users to modify screen titles and fields to match the customer's work culture.

Unlimited Training Materials

Very few owners of enterprise resource systems are interested in documenting how the system works and broadcasting training and adequate information through the company's website and social media, such as YouTube. One of the essential features of Odoo systems is the optimum ease of access to the desired information for any of the customers and users. There are thousands of documents and explanatory videos in all languages to help the user use Odoo systems, in addition to the explanations and videos on the Odoo website itself. You can also communicate with many Odoo users worldwide and inquire about everything related to Odoo systems.

Stability and Security of Odoo Systems

Good testing teams are among the essential tools for system designers to achieve the highest levels of security and efficiency. It is challenging for the customer to ensure that these teams are in the developing company satisfactorily. What is reassuring at this point is the use of millions of Odoo platforms worldwide and communication with the developer company, which led to the highest levels of stability as the main Odoo systems are considered to some extent bugs-free.

Intelligence Report Methodology

Odoo supports a new report methodology (Intelligent business). In addition to the ready-made reports of the system,  users can design the required report simply and easily.