OdooTec Company

Once you have purchased one of the local systems that are not open source, you have become a captive of the development company. They can request any additional amounts for any simple modifications. They may not be committed to delivery dates and high quality; moreover, they can stop the service permanently from the customer when any disputes arise. Add to that the possibility of the company stopping development or support. Most clients in such cases would prefer to escape forward rather than replace the program and consequently incur additional training and implementation costs.

On the contrary, OdooTec supports an open-source system. Neither OdooTec nor any Odoo partners can stop the system remotely. The customer can, at his discretion, deal with any other supplier of Odoo systems and add modifications whenever he wants, which makes us strive to satisfy the customer by adhering to the agreed framework for the application project and providing advice based on our long experience in the application of software systems, which protects the interests of the customer.

We Aspire to a Long-Term Partnership

OdooTec has won the award for the best partner for Odoo in Africa and the Middle East, and we are still classified as one of the three best partners in the region. If you are going to buy any system supported by OdooTec, Consult the people with experience and see the level of services we provide. We respect our customers, value the confidentiality of dealing with customer databases, take customer problems seriously and try as much as we can to maintain the partnership relationship between us and any of our customers.

Our Branches Sponsor and Support you

Once you choose OdooTec as a supplier for any of Odoo's systems, we start an unlimited partnership. We provide teams in several geographic locations for after-sales service. OdooTec is also committed to training employees on its various systems, in addition to continuous support and solving problems that users may face. We also help you implement a database that suits your work. For example, the Account Tree for commercial systems other than those of contracting or industrial ones. These and other considerations are taken into account by OdooTec specialists to reach the database for the required readiness.

Support all activities and industries

The type of activity does not stand as an obstacle for us in supporting new customers. OdooTec aspires to support all activities and industries away from the Odoo platform. For example, OdooTec is developing a building contracting system, which includes many advantages, from receiving bids to executing subcontracting, issuing extracts, and even handing over the work to the client. Whatever your field of business, we work in a SPOT&Go software application method that enables us to apply software to any field of business, even if it has not been previously addressed.

Moving to Our Systems

Do not worry about your old database when you move to OdooTec. We provide the data transfer service from your former system to the new database and retain all data, previous statistics and balances .

After-Sales Service

After you contract with OdooTec and start work, you can communicate with the application consultant, project manager or sales consultant when you need any additional training, or when any problem occurs or any software improvement is requested, and the client's requirements will be dealt with as quickly as required, Allah willing, according to the agreement signed with OdooTec.

General Features

  • Simple and Convenient User Interface

  • Bilingual Interface and Multi Currencies Support

  • Safe and Effective Users’ Authorities System

  • Consolidate Many Companies in One Database

  • Full Integration Between System Components

  • Mature System for Workflow

  • Mature Systems for Monitoring and Approval

  • Easy and Simple Report Designer

  • Full Support for Remote Sites

  • Pricing System Per customer

  • Cloud Computing Methodology

  • Support Mobile Devices and Tablets

  • Continuously Support New Technologies

  • Easy and Effective Techniques for Importing and Exporting Data

  • Customer Oriented Methodology

  • Support Time Attendance Machines and POS Peripherals

  • Unlimited Learning Materials and Videos

  • Clear Policy for Customer Service

  • Orientation for Implementing New Systems