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M El Dabbas

OdooTec had to find professional solutions for some of the requirements of this company, including the following examples:
Products with serial numbers
The company did not adopt the serial number system for some products that require a warranty for a certain period. Hence, its customers had to keep the original sales invoice in which the date of the sold product was recorded so that the product could be dealt with in terms of maintenance according to the warranty policy and whether it was still under warranty or not. This eventually led to relying on the skills of the employees, which may result in maintenance of out-of-warranty products and refusal to service other products that are still under warranty, which may cause losses to the company and prevent customer satisfaction.

Projects management 
The project manager did not have complete control over the ongoing projects, so he had to track the project's work, tasks, work teams, and disbursement authorizations for each project in traditional ways through oral questions and paper documents, which cost a lot of time and effort and caused many errors and delays.

Human Resources

With the old system, the client did not have the full ability to track all important employee data, such as checking employee balances, whether vacation balances and remaining ones, advance balances, or the number of spent permissions, in addition to the absence of a system of alert notifications for employee data, such as exceeding the leave balance, attendance permissions, and so on. All of this presents a challenge to track employee data, especially those related to labour laws.
Also, some of the effects on client salaries were difficult to track with so many employees. An example of this is the remuneration for the errand allowance. Of course, the allowance differs according to the city or country, the errand period, and the employee's grade, which would result in mathematical errors related to that, and then errors in calculating the employee's net salary.
On the other hand, the attendance and departure data was a basic piece of information for calculating a salary. The attendance and departure data are entered on paper, which requires a lot of time and effort to calculate the salary value based on the attendance and departure data.

OdoTec Solutions
OdooTec has dealt with these requirements as follows:
Regarding warranty products
OdooTec implementors have generated serial numbers for all warranty products. This way, the company can track all sold products and get all warranty information related to each product in any issued invoices. On the other hand, maintenance contracts for out-of-warranty products were treated by defining a service product, monitoring the number of service hours for each maintenance, and accounting for the customer according to the maintenance contract. The company can now know the history of any piece sold from the date it was requested from the supplier until the moment it was delivered to the customer, as well as all the services that were provided on that part, the number of maintenance times inside and outside the warranty, and their cost. Thus, it became possible to identify the customer's profitability and then make decisions that would raise the efficiency of operations and the overall profitability and avoid the burdens of customers with low profitability.

For project management
Through Odoo's visual tools for project management, Odotek provided complete monitoring of the primary project elements, through the main project's interface, at the level of each project, whether workers, tasks of each work team, products and expenses spent for each project, and so on

Concerning human resource management
OdooTec Implementors has imported master data, including data related to each employee, which positively affects employee tracking and interaction with them through Odoo reminders.
One of the challenges the HR team faced was tracking the employees' vacations, getting to know simply the employees who exceeded their vacation balances and generating the payroll, including such balanced, considering Dues and deductions related to each employee.
For example, sick leaves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia take a specific track, as the percentage of the company's coverage of the worker's salary in the first two months is different from the third and fourth months.
OdooTec has studied the HR system of the company and then implemented the Odoo Human Resources system in accordance with the company's policy and the applied laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Concerning calculating Per diem allowance, the system has been set so that the value of the allowance is shown automatically as soon as the employee is entered on, whose information has been fed into the system. Then this allowance is added to the salary automatically with the employee's salary account.
Concerning calculating Per diem allowance, the system has been set so that the value of the allowance is shown automatically as soon as the employee is entered on the screen and then added automatically to the employee's salary.

M El Dabbas March 20, 2023
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