Do those two client requirements sound familiar?

The client name is hidden for security
March 20, 2023 by
M El Dabbas

OdooTec has prepared many solutions related to such customer data, including those related to purchases and human resources systems.

Purchases Requirements
The registration of suppliers, the completion of tax data, and its review by the Finance Ministry before approving the supplier were not as smooth as required, as well as the inability to track any modification to suppliers’ price offers and approvals related to the offer and more reliance on e-mail to communicate with the supplier. On the other hand, there was no specific item coding system, nor was there a defined procurement cycle to track purchases, incoming and outgoing items, or purchase requests and offers through it; consequently, the customer could not adhere to purchase requests with the existing budget.

Human Resources
Due to the nature of the company's work through guards, in which security personnel are spread in many separate parts of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, it was difficult to track the attendance and leave data and employees' vacations, as this data was collected and unloaded at the end of the month to issue salaries, which was consuming a lot of time and effort repeatedly in Per month. Also, the previous system was unable to manage some employee data when the start and end dates of the working month were different from the usual. For example, the period of the salary month may be from the 26th to the 25th. Such a period may lead to a discrepancy in the employee attendance data, such as the absence of the actual employee may be on The 26th, which represents the first day of the salary month. In contrast, HR management may mistakenly record this absence on the first day of the month (as if it is the 31st). Finally, the issuance of the payroll in the previous system used consumed a considerable amount of time because of the large number of employees who exceeded two thousand. Accordingly, generating the employees' salaries was cumbersome; it might also fail so that the user would re-issue the payroll.

M El Dabbas March 20, 2023
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